Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I love me some bullets.... so here are the bullet details of the "whys" of the quilt choices.

*****This is my favorite side*****

  • I am not a quilter, I do sew occasionally though. I did sew this together, but sent it out to a person for machine quilting...... Thank you to my mom who paid for this.
  • When you are given the overwhelming task of putting 104 squares of unmatched fabric together, it could make a person into one crazy MOMMA! I tried to separate the squares into categories.... Asian inspired, animals, ladybugs.... tons of ladybugs, baby type, floral, yikes.... you know what I mean? I thought how stupid it would look lumping squares of the same together in each area of the quilt. Then I was unsure how to use the special handmade family pieced squares. At the suggestion of my SIL, Michelle, she hooked me up with a wonderful artist/seamstress, Colleen, who had this mash of squares orchestrated beautifully into diagonal rows of flowing colors ... dark to medium to light to medium to dark. If you squint, you just might see what I mean on the pictures.

  • On the front side I placed the "family" squares... front and center. Aside from the top right square from me.... The other hearts are from my SIL, Michelle, nieces Sparkle and Twinkle Toes. These hearts were lovingly stitched including initials from the givers. The solid fabrics are from my adult niece, Beautiful, my sister and niece Amanda, and Tate's Nana.

  • On the top right is my square. I am planning on sewing Momma Loves You on the heart. The blue floral fabric is the main fabric I sent out as my and Tate's squares along with the wishes. I have saved one of these wishes to add to Tate's 100 wish book.

  • Representing the foundation of my adoption, along the white borders, is the fabric I received from Tana. Tana was my original inspiration and driving force in my decision to adopt. She and my Heavenly Father played a huge roll in this decision.

  • Colleen suggested I add to the quilt by picking some fabric I just LOVED. I love the tone of the blue and the cherries in the fabric. This is also the fabric I ended up running out of and had to go to plan B.

  • Plan B ended up being a good thing. I had planned on binding in red and white dots. I figure the red and white would represent China. When I was faced with having to come up with another fabric, I went right for this white and blue floral. Red and White (China) and Blue..... AMERICA!!!


Details of the front of the quilt.... I ended up with 8 squares that did not fit on the back. I used them for corner squares to tie the fabrics together.


Here is the details of the back of the quilt. At first when I was receiving all these real funky not traditonal fabrics, I thought this quilt would be way too weird. As I pieced together each square, I thought, "what were they thinking sending this?".... now that the quilt is machine quilted and done, I love the funky or the plainer fabric squares.... You can see if you find your swatch in the details here...... if not here, check the few that ended up on the front corners.....